Saturday, July 10, 2010

CRASH: The Obamic Great Receding...Employment Edition

Under Pres. Obama, America is experiencing The Great Receding.  It is a phenomenon that touches virtually every aspect of American life, and also impacts the world.

It is both a dangerous and needless trend.  America does not need to diminish.  Receding is not fated; it is chosen.

The Great Depression was the result of new tools held by BIG GOVERNMENT, and employed by people enamored with "new ideas", including a perversion of Keynesian economics, fascist economic theory, and general collectivism.  It was not a "Great" Depression for others around the world.  In Germany, for instance, far more an economic crater than was the U.S., the Thirties were a period of amazing expansion.  That was but one nation that experienced great economic growth while the U.S. languished under BIG GOVERNMENT programs.

Just as now (h/t Hot Air)--

Obama tells us we are on the right track--recovery is well under way.  But we know what recovery would look like; this is a graph of Canadian employment, showing the same period--

Canada did not spend a trillion dollars it does not have to "stimulate" its economy.  Of course, in truth, neither have we...yet.  A huge hunk of the Porkulus has yet to be doled out of the slush fund...something over 40%.

The policies of the Obami are seemingly calculated to push America into a Receding...a period of diminution, of shrinking and contracting.  They cannot be the result of mere ignorance.


  1. Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence...three times is Enemy Action. The Zero Administration has what, 100+ major policy FAILS?

    Clearly, Enemy Action.

  2. You're not being objective here. The graph presented does not represent the 500 million (Pelosi's estimate) jobs that have been saved, created, subsidized and/or imagined. That works out to 1.6 jobs for every man woman and child in the USofA, and their pets.

    This is not a recovery, its a freakin bonanza!

  3. Geez...

    I never looked at it that way, Swede...

    I guess J. Galt and I are just racists...or something.

  4. I'm pretty sure this is all George Bush's fault. I don't exactly know how, but maybe some entertainer could explain it to me. They're super smart, you know.

  5. Rags - FYI, I have not been losing interest but have been overwhelmingly busy this summer with a new project trying to keep +/- 12 college students from our church employed for the summer doing research, planning and fund raising for conservative candidates - and half a dozen other projects. We are fighting just to keep our nostrils above water level - but it has so far been extremely rewarding.

    It's gutsy and demanding to start a new blog in a raging sea of folks with opinions - but your insight is keen - your writing compelling - and your heart in the right place. Keep up the good work my friend! I have thought of doing it myself, but don't think I could devote the time and energy to make it fly. If you would like me to write posts from time to time to fill in - under your editorial control of course - I would be honored and very happy to do so. Email Give me a hollar.

  6. Golly, Swede...(choke)

    Thanks! Watch for it...