Saturday, July 24, 2010

CRASH: The Grinding Hypocrisy Of The Beast

In a week when Eric Holder seems to be getting his wish about a racial dialog, The Daily Beast published an article that does everything that the Collective is saying (falsely) that Breitbart did wrong.

In a piece that serves as a remarkable tour de main of pure guilt-by-association crap, The Daily Beast outdoes the Collectivist RAAAAACIST smear machine.

Arizona's White Supremacist Problem

Gee, I wonder where we are going from here...?  The author doesn't make us wait long:

Long story short, Arizona’s new immigration law gives “racism a place to hide,” says Roxanne Doty, an Arizona State University professor who has long studied the nexus of white supremacy and immigration policy in Arizona.  [Prof. Doty lists among her research interests Immigration an Citzenship...I kid you not]

Terry Greene Sterling then treats us to this kind of "logic" from her "expert":

“My view is you can’t separate white supremacists from what is going on with Arizona immigration,” Professor Doty says. “Even if politicians say they aren’t associated with white supremacists, the ideas behind SB 1070 are very attractive to white supremacists… The new face of the white supremacist isn’t the guy with a sheet and a burning cross, it is the more highly educated person with a professed focus on family values, national identity, and border security.”
There you have it.  Regardless of what the representatives of the people...including the Hispanic citizens...of Arizona tell you, and how carefully they craft a bill to be race-neutral, they are the handmaidens of the RAAAAAACISTS.  And you can easily identify those RAAAAAAACIST bastards by their focus on their own families, their pride in America, and their concern for the integrity of their nation.  Or, as polls tell us, they look just like the vast majority of the American voters.

And SB 1070 is attractive to white supremacists, see.  As is...I dunno...the MSNBC prime-time line-up, milk, salt, hamburgers...  This claptrap, of course, ASSUMES that the law is TARGETED at a racial group, rather than at people freaking here ILLEGALLY!

But there are some outfits mentioned in this story that the Southern Poverty Law Center (a radical Collectivist smear group itself) identifies as "white supremacists".  One such group is American Third Position, which has a mission statement that says, "The American Third Position (A3P) exists to represent the political interests of White Americans, because no one else will".

Now, two things spring to mind;  
1) how is that a "white supremacist" statement?, and 
2) how EXACTLY is that worse/different than the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People?

But never mind; according to the beastly Beast (and in the face of no evidence it is true), A3P is reported to have contributed to the legal defense fund of Arizona, which faces an harassing lawsuit from the Obamic DoJ.
[Governor Jan] Brewer, through her spokesman Paul Senseman, says she won’t accept donations from racists and will return the donation from American Third Position—if the contribution exists in the first place. Staffers have been diligently sifting through names of about 25,000 donors who have contributed about $1.3 million to the fund, Senseman says, and have yet to find the A3P donation.

But that really didn't matter to the Beast.  The innuendo and smear was too good to pass up, and so they ran with the crapola and threw in the modifier.

But, in a week where we had the whole "Sherrod redemption" spin from the MSM and other Collectivist outlets, this was the corker:
Rogers [spokesman for Sheriff Babeu of Pinal County] points out Babeu was recently lauded by the Anti-Defamation League for condemning desert patrols in Pinal County led by alleged neo-Nazi J.T. Ready, who has long been singled out by the SPLC as one of Arizona’s premier haters.
OK, we have a fer-real Neo-Nazzzi now.  We can all hate him, right?
And anyway, these days, Ready says, he has had a change of heart. In a quirky flip flop that could only happen in Arizona, the 37-year-old alleged Nazi spins himself as more of a liberal than some of the mainstream politicians running for office on a secure-the-borders platform. 
“My view has significantly changed since I’ve been patrolling the desert,” Ready asserts.  He’s “re-evaluated” a lot of things and has “modified” his earlier views. He is no longer a member of the National Socialist Party, he says. Bumping into migrants in the desert who are thirsty, hungry, and injured has opened his “whole humanitarian side.”  
“I no longer see them as invaders,” he claims. “I  see them as economic refugees.”
Sounds like a redemptive story to me.  Shouldn't Mr. Ready be allowed the same reformation so many on the Left insisted (falsely) Sherrod has had?  Why the "scare quotes" around "re-evaluated", "modified" and "whole humanitarian side"?  Hmmmm....???  How come this is a "quirky flip flop that could only happen in Arizona?  Aren't we supposed to believe it happened in Georgia?

I suppose it would be hard to make this kind of stuff up.  Thank you, Daily Beast, for making this little demonstration of your collective hypocrisy SOOOOOO easy...!!!


  1. “My view is you can’t separate white supremacists from what is going on with Arizona immigration,” Professor Doty says.

    Huh. Zat so? My view is you can't seperate liberal elitism from academia. Anyone who doesn't share her warped world view is obviously racist. My guess would be this lady has no black or hispanic friends and can't deal with it. Classic projection.

    Sure is swell living in post racial, post partisan America. I haven't seen this much racial tension since the '60s. And 90% of it is utter bullsheistenkaka. Next.

  2. I dunno, Swede. I figure she has "minority" friends. I don't doubt they are on the local college and jr. college faculties, and think just like her.

    Look at the lady! Ever see anyone who's likeness just screamed "wine and cheese" more than that!?!?

    I agree about the racial discord. I think, in some ways, this is all good. Lancing the boil, sort of...

  3. Well I guess by Doty's logic, the whole country is racist because the state law mirrors federal law. We better just scrap the Constitution right now or else we're racist!

    Oh, and if the illegals are economic refugees, then isn't it in our best interest to invade Mexico and rebuild the country? They could be the next Germany or Japan.

  4. Doty is the real racist in the piece (if we allow Ready his redemption).

    She assumes that white illegals don't exist, which is racial bigotry. She assumes the law is solely targeted at "others" illegally here, who the white supremacists would be prejudiced against.

    Actually, people for decades have quite seriously suggested we should invade Mexico.

    I am NOT one.

  5. I wasn't suggesting invading Mexico, just that those who consider illegals "economic refugees" are rationalizing without trying to solve the alleged problem.

  6. I wasn't suggesting you suggested...well, you get it...

    merely noting that the idea had be floated before now.