Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BURN: The OTHER Sherrod Video Nails Her

No, I don't mean the original, or the one Breitbart published.  I mean the one Dan Riehl produced and published.  In it, Sherrod shows she is at least two kinds of bigot.

See, for Ms. Sherrod, America is about race AND class.  In that she's a typical racial group Collectivist clone.

And don't be fooled; Sherrod's story is not one of racial redemption.  She continues to see things through a racial prism.  It is in that way that opposition to Obamacare is a racial issue.  It is in that way that the generation of TEA Party activism is a racist response to having a Black POTUS, ignoring the policies the man is guilty of promulgating against the American system.

It is apparent that, if you want to really see Ms. Sherrod's animus, you present as a wealthy, white male.  Then you are, in her bigoted world, the enemy deluxe.

As for Breitbart's publication of that original video, and whether it demonstrated racism within the NAACP, the answer lies in the "call and response" of Sherrod's speech, not so much in the truncated content of Sherrod's story.  From that, from the same active approval of Sheila Jackson-Lee's remarks, and from dozens of other actualities, the answer is a resounding YES, there is racism alive and well in the NAACP!

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