Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CRASH: Eric Holder Gets His Wish

Eric Holder infamously said that we should have a candid dialog on race, and that we don't because we are cowards.  Well, Gen. Holder, we have arrived.

If there was ever any truth to the Holder slander of America, it existed in the fact that some of us use race...or the smear of "RAAAAAACIST" win too cheaply in the public debate.

As we have seen very clearly of late, racism is alive and well...and totally approved of...among CERTAIN ethnic groups.  Hence, the NAACP can be bought off to slime people who resist BIG GOVERNMENT as racists, knowing that is a lie...and knowing that racism burns brightly in its own its own call and response.

As we have learned only within hours of this writing, "racism" is the Molotov cocktail of the Collective's co-opted "journalist".  They readily and willingly hurl it at people who's views are not racist at all, but who are opposed to the Collective.

We say this is good.  Like the vacant cry of "WOLF!" in the famous parable, the very over-use...and totally corrupt use...of the term has ruined its effectiveness.

The tragedy is that racism exists still, and the word still describes a deep, corrosive civil wrong that none of us should tolerate. 

Racism needs to be plucked out...root and branch...of our national life.  But that will take some doing, as today it is enshrined as never before in law and regulation that sweeps all across America.  It is part of the Obamic agenda.


  1. This is "ARE" land!?!?!?!? Silly liberals.

    Besides, I'm 1/16 Mexican. That ought to count for something.

  2. Mr. Holder, the American people are not afraid of an honest dialog about race. We just know that if we try to have one, liberals will accuse us of being racist to avoid said dialog.