Sunday, July 4, 2010

THE HUMANITY: A Very Small Tribute To Very Great Hearts

In the midst of so much that causes me such deep concern for the future of the nation I love, there is nothing that inspires more hope in me than the example of our youth.

I am unabashedly in awe of our young men and women (and their spouses) who serve our national ideals in the uniformed services in time of war.  My admiration for them is unbounded.  A nation that produces such young people as these has great reason to hope for...and expect...not just a future existence, but a future of promise.

They, of course, are not the only ones.  Many young people stand and fight in college classrooms, in the press and the blogosphere, and as young husbands, wives, and parents.  And, of course, as informed, involved citizens.

On this Independence Day, it is right and proper that we remember our Founders, and the millions who gave us our birthright and preserved it for us against all those who would take it, both from within and without.  But their work is done...and well done.

The work for us all is to preserve what has been given us, and to pass it...brighter still, if those who follow.  That task seems more difficult today than at any time I have known in my six decades of life.  And yet, I am tremendously heartened by the example of our youth.

Whenever we see a young man or woman in uniform, I hope we will overcome whatever retrograde feelings we have, and take the opportunity to shake their hand and say "Thank you".  Whenever we hear or see a young person standing on principles we know to be right, I hope we will all find ways to express our support and admiration.  There is nothing better we could do to celebrate our independence, and to assure its future.

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