Friday, July 30, 2010

BURN: Washington's War With The People

There has never been a time in America when the central government was more adverse to the will of the people.

By both subjective and objective measures, the Obami and the Deemocrats in Congress are at war with the majority of the American people, and it is a hot, bitter war.

President Obama has not lead but ruled Chicago style, cramming "transformative" legislation down the nation's throat despite our protests and our polling which show we don't want what is happening.  Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were right there, making it happen...whatever IT has been.

The idea of government by consent of the governed has become a bitter, dirty joke in Washington, D.C.  Right up there with the ideal of the citizen-legislator, the "public servant", and limited government.  These are all things that most Americans...either vaguely or concretely...still hold dear, and believe should be the working principles behind our Republic.

In poll after poll, Washington was told by the people we did not want ObamaCare, which is an affront not just to democracy and economics, but rational thought, as well.  It did not matter.

The people of America took to the streets and public squares to oppose the Porkulus package and other schemes of vast wealth transfer...not merely from us, but from our not only unwise economic and fiscal policy, but corrupt Collectivist kleptocracy on a scale never imagined before.  It did not matter.

We told Washington we did not trust them to fundamentally change our banking and finance laws, which will have the effect of "fundamentally  transforming" American business in destructive ways we will only learn about in the future.  We told them that Senator Dodd (whose corruption is so rank he could not be re-elected) and Representative who were leaders in causing the recent financial collapse, and leaders in taking corrupt money...were not men we wanted anywhere near a sweeping scheme of "regulation".  What they wrote...or what special interests wrote and they sponsored over their despicable another vast "law" that not one single person in the Senate can explain.  Americans opposed its passage.  It did not matter.

We told Mr. Obama we want to drill and produce our own oil to fuel the great engine of our economy, and for a long time, it did not matter.  Finally, and double-handedly, he sort of opened the drilling possibilities, even as his EPA head, the crazy Lisa Jackson, began her program of running rough-shod over the law.  When the Deepwater Horizon well blew out in the Gulf of Mexico, we told Mr. Obama we wanted the Federal government at least out of the way if it could not help.  We told him we wanted drilling in the Gulf to continue after a rational safety review.  It did not matter.

We have told Washington we want our borders secured.  We want parents to have a choice about where they send their children for school.  We want to decide how to heat and cool our homes, and how we drive our cars.  We have told them that racial or gender discrimination is to be struck from our laws and regulations.  We have told them myriad things IT IS OUR RIGHT TO TELL THEM, and our right to demand.  It does not matter.

It does not matter because the power elite in Washington has become hostile to the people and principles of the United States Of America.  They are in rebellion.


  1. In November of this year and again in 2012, we'll have the opportunity to tell them we want new guardians of our republic.

    Let them ignore that!

  2. Every day, we have to decide whether to capitulate or resist.

    Civil disobedience is strange to conservatives. It should not be.