Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BURN: Was Today The Dawning Of The Day Of The Court?

Have we seen the first cleansing rays of the Day Of The Courts?  With his ruling suspending the Obamic Gulf drilling moratorium, Judge Feldman may have fired the first shot in the battle to reclaim the rule of law.

The Obami have been having it all their way for some time now.  Many of us have been wondering when the courts would assert some control.  That day may finally have arrived.

When FDR was running amok, ignoring all constitutional restraints, the courts were the power that finally roped his excesses least to some degree.  Many observers have been wondering where the law suits have been, and why so few have been filed in the face of the Obamic destruction of our republic.  Perhaps this is the opening salvo.

Sec. Of Interior Ken "The Liar" Salazar has signaled that he will issue a new order halting Gulf drilling.  If he does, I think that judge Feldman will make short work of it.  Its pretextual nature will be apparent, and its corrupt intent obvious.

The Obamic DoJ has also indictated that they...joined by Mexico...will sue Arizona to halt implementation of its new immigration law.  The rationale and predicates are...politely...stupid and vacant (in that order).  States have plenary police powers, and there is no EVIDENCE to support any DoJ suit based on racial profiling.

Elsewhere, several states are girding their legal loins to attack the "individual mandate" under ObamaCare.  For any court to hold that this is supportable under the Constitution would mean that the Commerce Clause is infinitely expansive...or that the central government can do whatever it wishes, without limit.

Now is the time for all good Americans to stand to their keyboards.  Every one who can type, write, or use a phone needs to burn down the lines of communication to the U.S. House, Senate, and judiciary.  Flood the coffers of the various legal funds involved in these essential battles.  Do it!!!

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