Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CRASH: I've Been Quiet About Kagan, BUT...

I have abstained from some of the froth-fests over this or that revelation about Elena Kagan.  But there is a body of evidence, and it is damning.

I was not too exercised over Kagan's flirtation with Socialism, or her master's paper.  Many of us were stupid in our youth (many of us never get over it), and never grow up to be Bill Ayers. 

I do find it very illustrative...and BAD...that Kagan took the position she did with respect to military recruiters on territory under her control.  MUCH WORSE was Kagan's concurrent approval of Islamist militant inroads in the same territory.

I understand that lawyers sometimes have to take positions they do not fully support as they advocate for a client; that we CAN make arguments on their behalf that we would not make on our own behalf, because we do not fully subscribe to them.  But there is a definite boundary even there; no lawyer is required to take a position that "sears their conscience".  And I don't believe Elena Kagan did when she took this position:

Mr. Obama would not have appointed Kagan were she not a doctrinaire collectivist.  It is apparent she has the same regard for individual liberty and the Constitution as does Obama.  He can be removed from office.  Kagan cannot.  She must never ascend to the Supreme Court. 


  1. My biggest concern is that she's already shown that she's willing to use her position to further her political agenda. What makes anyone think that will be different as a Supreme Court Justice?

  2. She's also a demonstrated liar. Couple that with her hostility to the U.S. military and her dhimmitude while at Haaavid, AND her utter lack of experience, and she is a perfect match for Obama.