Sunday, June 20, 2010

CRASH: Shaping Up To Be A Very Hot Summer

The Mid-East is showing every sign of heating up this summer to the point of war.  The region could get very deadly, very fast.

American and Israeli warships are transiting the Suez Canal, en route to apparently be ready to meet new attempts to break Israel's Gaza blockade.  Some of the blockade runners are openly talking of "martyrdom", which is impossible unless they intend the kind of murderous counter-attack seen in the "Love Boat" flotilla incident.

Europe has turned its back on Israel, consistent with a neo-judenhass currently all the vogue among European collectivists.

Meanwhile, virtually every neighboring state BESIDES Egypt has heightened its threat levels against Israel, some of them very appreciably.  

Iran has gone unchecked in its nuclear ambition.  There is little doubt that they have, or will have shortly, a nuclear bomb.  Not long thereafter, they will have a delivery system, and few thinking people doubt their capacity to use both.

Barack Hussain Obama has projected two things that virtually assure war: weakness and ambivalence.  Cause will beget effect.  "Soft power" will kill.

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