Thursday, June 3, 2010

CRASH: Information As A Weapon Of Terror

Hamas is a sophisticated, dedicated group of racist killers.  They use terror as their tactical weapon of choice.  The lives of their own children and women are ready sacrifices to the god of their hatred.  They know the Western ways of thinking, and the readiness of Western media to vilify Israel on any pretext, and use them skillfully.

Yesterday’s press conference by Hanin Zuabi, an Israeli Arab Knesset member who was on the Gaza-bound Mavi Marmara when Israeli commandos boarded it on Monday, should be studied by every journalist or human-rights activist who ever believed a Palestinian atrocity tale. Here is Haaretz’s report of it:
According to Zuabi, when the flotilla was 130 miles from shore, 14 naval ships approached and opened fire without warning. Only journalists, nurses and a doctor were on deck; none of them carried weapons. All the other passengers were either in their rooms or fled there as soon as the shooting began. …
Over and over, she insisted that the passengers engaged in no violence, that the soldiers had come with intent to kill and intimidate, that it was all planned in advance.
When reporters confronted her with the video footage released by the army and the soldiers’ testimony, and with the fact that several soldiers were wounded, Zuabi first evaded the questions, then finally insisted, “This is what I saw.”
This is a classic example of the Big Lie: even faced with incontrovertible evidence of her story’s falsity — the video footage of those peace-loving “journalists” and “nurses” attacking the soldiers, the seven hospitalized commandos — Zuabi stuck to it. And without this evidence, most of the world would surely have believed her. As David Horowitz noted in analyzing the army’s scandalous decision to withhold the footage for 12 hours, the claim that civilians overpowered highly trained commandos is not instantly plausible.
Big things jump out at me from this story; first being AN ISRAELI ARAB KNESSET MEMBER.  The second being ABOARD THE MAVI MARMARA.  Just what do you suppose would be the fate of an ARAB member of the legislative body of...say...Syria after supporting an Israeli ANYTHING?  Giving a PRESS CONFERENCE???  Better still, name a few Jewish members of the government of any Arab state?  I'll wait....

Hamas knows how to play the game they set.  Nothing is sacred to them that is sacred to Western culture, and they will freely use our own institutions and organs against us. They are the embodiment of "ANTI-CIVILIZATION", and seeing and understanding them and their cohort is essential to our survival.


  1. "And without this evidence, most of the world would surely have believed her"

    Sadly, even with this clear video evidence most of the world will believe her. Thank you for putting "journalists" in quotations, but you forgot to insert "propagandists" in its place. This nice lady's narrative was written before they even shoved off.

    They publicized how, when and where they were coming to the IDF, and new exactly what the IDF would do. The "why" becomes the game. We were just trying to help the poor folks in Gaza - peaceful humanitarians who are making their martyrdom wills and preparing weapons for an engagement enroute.

    The only thing I wonder is if there were some other way the IDF could have intervened without falling into the propaganda trap. Just can't think of any. It's like a knight fork move in chess putting the king in check while threatening the queen. Say bye bye queen.

    The IDF could not allow the ships to pass, yet couldn't intervene without getting sucked into a global propaganda coup. Check, but definitely not mate.

  2. As someone pointed out, the only thing new here is that the thugs had never before been aboard.

    Blockade runners has pushed, but never become violent. So there was a paradigm shift, and the Israelis were simply working on the old paradigm.

    They won't be fooled again...paraphrasing The Who.

  3. The IDF should develop a small sub with a torpedo designed to disable a propeller. Once the offending vessel is disabled, tow it back to its port of origin. You can't get more humane than that.

    Nah, just sink it. It's not like the world is going to praise them for restraint.

  4. "Nah, just sink it."

    No towing necessary and less paperwork. A sound choice.

  5. Well, world reaction leaves Israel two choices...

    go hard...

    or die.

  6. "Nah, just sink it. It's not like the world is going to praise them for restraint."

    They're not going to give the Obama medal for "courageous restraint"?