Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CRASH: Obamic "Change" On Israel's Acts Of Self-defense

For the first time in memory, the U.S. has failed to veto an anti-Israel U.N. resolution passed PRIOR to development of information on a controversial exchange with activists.

Hey, Jewish Americans, you voted for this cipher!  You cannot be surprised that Obama's people support Hamas v. Israel.

This "faux flotilla" was designed...first to a Palli-wood exercise.  It was TOTALLY intended as a provocation, designed to either 1) get Israel to back off its blockade (utterly LEGAL blockade) of Gaza, or 2) net a propaganda coup.

A few observations are in order:
  1. Israel delivers about 1500 TONs of humanitarian material to Gaza EVERY WEEK
  2. Israel directed the faux flotilla to a port where its cargo could be inspected, assuring that all material that was ACTUALLY humanitarian in nature would be transshipped to Gaza
  3. Nobody becomes a martyr for delivering ACTUAL humanitarian material to Gaza
  4. The Israeli blockade is absolutely LEGAL, according to international law, AS WAS THE INTERDICTION
  5. One MAY become dead (or a "martyr") when one tries to run a blockade in the face of AMPLE warning
Exactly what the faux flotilla was carrying is still an unknown.  Maybe it was totally innocuous.  Maybe it was more like other "humanitarian cargo" (h/t Swede), like that shipped by United Feeding Services.

Bottom line: the Obami are actively undermining Israeli national security in some weird drive to curry favor with Islamists.  Of course, they are doing precisely the same thing with respect to American security.


  1. I have to think if there were arms onboard Israel would have it all over the news by now - and as you say this is Pallywood all the way. Having arms onboard would destroy their victim meme. They told the Israelis when and where they were coming and got exactly what they wanted and expected.

    If it works, which looks quite possible, it could prevent or hinder the IDF from further interdiction so they could theoretically ship in all the humanitarian artilery and ammo they like. Probably the plan from the get go.

  2. "Probably the plan from the get go."

    I say definitely the plan from the 'git'.

    And, why have real arms aboard? Your purpose is to provoke an intervention, so you'd just be hurting your plan.

  3. "the U.S. has failed to veto an anti-Israel U.N. resolution"

    Take a good look at the ladies in that link, and tell me why Palistinian guys are so pissed off. What they need to do is open a couple Hooters locations in Gaza. Peace in our time!

  4. My sentiments...largely. I deplore HOOTERS (the restaurant), but there could be a humanitarian mission even for them.

  5. I have visited a Hooters restaurant exactly once - taken there for lunch by an associate who thought I would be impressed. The food was awful and overpriced - and the cleavage shoved into my field of view in a blatant attempt to secure a larger tip for it's owner was just wierd.

    The guy who started Hooters lives not far from me. He is a first class jerk. Petitions come around every year for obnoxious stunt he's doing. He used to land his helicopter in his yard at midnight and take off at 5 a.m.

  6. "He used to land his helicopter in his yard at midnight and take off at 5 a.m."

    What a hard worker... Must be a great neighborhood...