Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CRASH: Obama Lays Faberge Egg

Obama's speech on the Gulf was the worst speech by a president of a free people ever delivered.  It was the best by an Emperor of America.  Obama gave himself another "good, solid B+".

The old joke goes, "How did you know he was lying?".  We all know both the punch-line and how perfectly the joke applies here, and that it is on us.  The Obamic cliche-loaded machine-gun was the John Wayne never runs out of ammo; the barrel never melts.  He knows no shame, no mercy, no responsibility, and no duty to the people he "serves".  He also knows no law, and certainly no constitutional limits.

He must earnestly embrace the idea that you and I are stupid, and will believe what we are told.  Some of us gave him some reason for that idea.  He was elected.  But you cannot say to intelligent people in a paroxysm of self-exoneration, "I was assured that this was absolutely safe".  Because intelligent people will immediately say, "Nothing is 'absolutely safe'; nothing".  Then they will say, "Either nobody ever said that, which means you are lying to us, Mr. President, or someone did say that to you, and you are the greatest fool on the planet". 

Obama waxed grandiloquent about how the people of the Gulf have plied the sea for generations for their living.  He didn't mention that for generations, we people of the Gulf have been producing oil out of the Gulf.  We've done it well, responsibly, and we've bent genius and great skill to make it extremely safe.  Why didn't he say all that?

He promised to do things that no president of the United States may do.  He promised to do things only an Emperor Of America could do.  

He evoked his pet Nobel Laureate and other certified smart people, who to date have done NOTHING appreciable...EXCEPT IMPEDE OTHERS.  But he promised they would be multiplied, as though that will avail.  It's as though he proposed to part the sea with his staff meeting.

And he simply lied.  Often, repeatedly, and without the least hesitation.  That is who he is.  This pathetic speech is an example of his sole forte.  It is time for responsible people to call on him to resign before he does much more damage.


  1. Thank you! Stay tuned... There will be a lot more fisking of this incredible (literally) performance.

  2. Rags doesn't pull punches - I love it! O'Really? pulls them, never actually throws a punch, and I think it really pissed Sarah off.

    Nicely done, nicely done.

  3. Ed Schultz wonders when Teh Won will "become a dictator" on the oil crisis.

  4. "Ed Schultz wonders when Teh Won will "become a dictator" on the oil crisis."

    That would be outstanding. The more he connects this epic fail to himself the better.

    So now does he know who's ass to kick? Or does he delegate ass kicking to the new czar? Whatta weenie!

  5. Delegate and blame. If that doesn't work, then blame and misdirect.

  6. THE ONE is planning on dictating to BP, according to his speech, terms that no president has the power to enforce. It is both outrageous and bizarre to watch this man play at dictator.