Saturday, June 5, 2010

BURN: Going from "NEVER AGAIN" to "Meah..."

We live in fascinating times.  I remember not long ago, the universal Western commitment that Jews would never again be subjected to a holocaust.  "Never Again!" was not just a Jewish oath/pledge/covenant, nor did it apply only to Jews, but to any genocide. 

But since WWII, we've seen genocides around the world.  Many of them went without a response, really.  Some were the target of the U.N.'s feckless and even harmful "efforts" at intervention.  Over time, some of us seem to have become inured to them.

But that didn't mean we were indifferent to the Jews and their existential struggle.  There, it seemed, the people of the Western world (which I mean to include many Asian nations, too) would draw a line.  We meant it when we said, "NEVER AGAIN" would Jews face a holocaust without resistance from good people everywhere. 

How did we come to the so many in the West would look at that prospect and shrug.  Or worse, tell the Jews of Israel they should not defend themselves so hard, AND actively side with the killers bent on the utter destruction of a people.  How did that happen?  When did Israel loose its "right to exist", or defend itself in Western minds?

The Jews of Israel face extinction right now.  Today.  They will face a greater threat tomorrow.  And now I hear Americans...especially those in the collective...voicing their tacit approval, or at least their acquiescence.  Those Jews are such a bother.  They can't seem to get the idea of "proportionate response" down.  They should just go home...  How did this happen in the West, much less America?


  1. "They should just go home..."

    They ARE home. They are defending their home. People who want Isreal out are people not informed on Ancient Near East history. You can't tell someone sitting in their living room to go home. You may assist them in getting along with their neighbors. IMHO Israel has shown remarkable restraint. If Iran continues their nuclear weapons development that could change quickly.

  2. "If Iran continues their nuclear weapons development that could change quickly."

    "IF"...!?!?! IF....!!!!!

    There ain't no if to it, Swede. Iran EITHER has them now, or will have them very soon. And THEY WILL USE THEM.

    This set of developments is astounding...

  3. Check out Epicenter 2.0 by Joel Rosenberg. He was talking about this coming a few years ago.

  4. Fenway5,

    Yep. It takes no great prescience to know what is coming. I'll post tomorrow on the threat of this summer in the Mid-East. Things are VERY dangerous right now.

  5. More importantly, why are AMERICAN Jews LETTING this happen?