Friday, June 4, 2010

CRASH: What's A Blogger To Do...???

I've been stymied over the last two days. First, I had a "connectivity issue" with a wanky modem. But, second, I have just had trouble finding A thing to post about. There is JUST SOOOOOO MUCH... 

I mean, we have Pat Buchanan and Jimma Carter going full-tilt nuts in their criticism of Israel...not to mention the dementia of the Dame of the White House press corp.  But at least Helen Thomas is open about her preference that Israel just drop dead.

We have self-loathing American Jews proving their idiocy...voluntary goose-step with the collective in their love of Jihadists.

We have the U.S. money supply shrinking at 1930s levels.  Does NOBODY read Milton Friedman anymore!?!?

We have a crisis of leadership from the Obami...and I could name about fifty areas where that is true.  The Gulf is only ONE.

We have stories of political corruption simply exploding...and some of them involve the GOP

We have sustained, miserable unemployment...and policies that seem designed to keep it that way.  Markets are telling us what they think about our future

And I still have to be an attorney.

It really is just too much.  It ain't right, I tells ya...


  1. I feel your pain. You seem to have a malaise settleing in. Stay the course.

    When I was a distance runner, coach always said keep your eye on the horizon, son. Actually, if your running a marathon it does help keep up your stamina more than if you look at the ground. Keep your eye on the horizon, my man!

    Problem: I was running with a guy in Manila following this principle, and he fell in an open man hole. So there's that.

    Another solution is a stiff glass of DeWars on the rocks.

  2. I like Laphroag...but I'll drink Dewers, too...

    I hope it isn't malaise (and thank you, as always, for the very kind support). I think it is more like information over-load, coupled with a profound concern born of understanding cause/effect relationships. ...and sleep deprivation.

    I'm going now to follow your prescription, doc...