Monday, June 7, 2010

BURN: Despite All Evidence, People Will Believe Lies About The Love Boat

There are people around the world who will denounce as phony any evidence offered by Israel…or anybody else…refuting the lies by Hamas and its supporters .  They have lost the ability to see.

These are pictures released by Turkey.  They don’t come via the IDF, or Israeli media.  They come from the people who took them, who apparently were there for that purpose.

Look at these people.  Note the nice man with the camera.  Anybody in this picture wearing an orange life vest appear to be in fear for their lives?  Or do they look like photos and videos of Jihadist killers at work, recording what they are doing?  That Israeli commando…how does he look?

How about the Israeli commando in this picture?  How does he look?  A couple of things to note: in the lower right of the photo, see the knife in the hand of the gentleman?  Note also the blood on the commando.  Now, in the upper right of the photo, do you see the bright blue band, and below it the metal canister?  That is a gas mask.  The kind you would wear so you could keep fighting if someone was using tear-gas.  Also note the gloves worn by the man holding the commando down.  Strange thing to wear on a summer night on the Mediterranean

In this picture, the man holding down the commando is wearing a gas mask, the canister just visible at the top of the picture, pushed back on his head.  Note the gloves on this man, too. Who looks like they are in fear for their lives?  Is this the man Phyllis Chesler was writing about?

Get this; the Turkish group IHH, which organized the flotilla, said the images showed activists 'intervening' or 'tending' to the injured soldiers.  Is that a lie or the truth?   How did these commandos come to need "tending" or someone "intervening"?  Hmmmmm....?

If you're having trouble with that poser, consider these facts; the nine people killed were all Turks.  One of them, Cetin Topcuoglu, 54, was an international taekwondo champion and coach.  Another was, according to his brother, a guy who aspired to go to Israel to kill in jihad.
A hardcore of 40 Turkish jihadis on board the Mavi Marmara was responsible for the violence that led to nine deaths and dozens of injuries on the flotilla taking aid to Gaza, the Israeli government claimed today.
The allegation came as Turkish newspapers reported that three of the four Turks killed in the onslaught had declared their readiness to become martyrs.
"I am going to be a martyr. I dreamed about it," Ali Haider Banjinin, 39, from Kurdistan, told his family before leaving to join the flotilla, according to one report.
The brother-in-law of retired engineer Ibrahim Bilgen, 61, told another paper that "martyrdom suited him very much. Allah gave him a death he desired."
A third Turkish casualty, Ali Akbar Yertilmis, a father of four from Ankara, had "dreamt of becoming a martyr", a friend was quoted as saying.
"Roughly 40 people on board were jihadis who came for violence," a [Israeli] government official said. "They were preparing to attack, to kill and to be killed." The boat was carrying more than 600 passengers, around half of them Turkish nationals.
Nobody is martyred on one of these hippie trips.  Nobody until these guys showed up, that is...  

 You will have heard multiple accounts from "peace activists" who swear that the Israelis opened fire from helicopters or vessels before anyone tried to board the Love Boat.  Not even credible.  What would the death toll be if that were true?  Turkish autopsy the extent those are wounds consistent with pistol rounds fired in a close-quarter "oh, SPIT" conflict.

The lies from the Jihadists and their useful idiot supporters are legion.  Lies are a major weapon in their arsenal, and they use that weapon as freely as they kill innocent Israeli men, women, and children when they have the opportunity.


  1. Perhaps the mistake we make is in thinking these people are interested in rational thought or reasonable dialogue. The truth is that which is passionately believed, and veracity is determined by decible levels and high drama. Logic is after all a western invention. Who are we to determine what 2 + 2 equals? Imperialist dogs!

  2. You know, Swede, I have an evolving thought that I've been working on...something along the lines of lies being the greatest danger to the human race. Worse than hate, worse than war...

    I dunno... Like I say, I'm chewing on it. If you have thoughts on the notion, lemme know...

  3. Well, there's a can-o-worms. Part of the picture me thinks is Post-Modernist relativism. You may have a truth and somone else another, and both can be valid simultaneously. The law of non-contradiction used to be a foundation of rational thought: A thing may not be A and non A at the same time and in the same sense. Or - apples ain't oranges.

    Relativism in its simplest form is, "There is no absolute truth" - Which is of course self referentially absurd. It is a propositional statement which if true, can not be true. But in relativist lala land, it's all relative, or something. The prevalence of this wierdness in primary and secondary education is indeed frightening.

    Then there's the antithisis stuff you bring out here. Black is white, evil is good, ugliness is beautiful. Hellen Thomas came very close in her thinly veiled allusion that perhaps Hitler had it right. These Jews have no right to exist - which is of course the Muslim/Palistinian rant.

    I think if history is any barometer, in the end the truth survives and ultimately thrives. Whatever folks say they believe, or want to believe, there is a deep desire to know the truth, even if its ugly. I've often wondered what it was like for a Nazi soldier, having been indoctrinated and brain washed, but deep down knowing this is profoundly wrong. As the war wound down, and defeat loomed sure, you are ordered to fight to the death for what you know is a lie. Same thing with the Palistinians I guess, but perhaps they have much less to lose. The truth for Palistinians is not pretty, so an alternate truth (non A) is preferred.

    Of course, all this and $4 will get you a latte at Starbucks, where you can sit and discuss it ad nauseum with other cosmic sojourners.

  4. All good, Swede!

    But there are truths in the universe, even as there are POV-type "truths" that I really do allow can be valid, too.

    But think of the current crop of lies that enjoy immense coinage...not the least of which is that we call Gorbal Warming. These have enormous potential for catastrophic harm. There is, of course, the terrible collection of collectivist lies, and all they have done and now portend to do to damage human-kind (or should that be humyn-kind?).