Monday, June 21, 2010

BURN: Could Sanity Break Out In The Gulf?

When the Obama drilling moratorium, predicated on rank politics and a Ken Salazar lie, hit the Gulf Of Mexico, it was at least as bad...maybe worse...than Deepwater Horizon. 

Nobody knows how bad the effects of that purely political and cynical decision may be; partly because it puts perverse incentives into areas effecting safety, and we know those have monstrous results.  As the panel of experts Salazar used to publish his lies has noted, the Obama moratorium HEIGHTENS the risks out in the Gulf, while concurrently destroying the oil field economy of the region.

But help may be on the way from a Federal judge in New Orleans (h/t Patterico), where several oil field businesses have filed for injunctive relief from the Obamic orders.  Generally, injunctions are proper to preserve the status quo pending a full resolution of a controversy.  That is how the one being sought  would apply, allowing the Gulf to operate as before, pending a showing that the moratorium was supportable.  That, given Salazar's admitted deceit, would be an uphill climb.

This is all good news to the people of the Gulf, and good news to the rest of the nation, though some will see it otherwise.  It will reverse an Obama decree that was based on bad (or no) science and at least one lie.


  1. Hey, but it was the only decision Dear Leader actually made! A decisive, bold and uterly bone headed move ostensibly to make people think he is actually doing something.

    I'm beginning to concede my position that a magna cum-laude Harvard Law grad could not be stupid. He is a highly educated moron. Kind of an oxymoron as well, no?

  2. I always though an oxymoron was a feller that had no cow sense...

    Where you been, man? Missed you...!