Sunday, June 13, 2010

BURN: Where's The Love...???

Another milestone in "OPERATION OVER-REACH" is in the books.  Barack Hussain Obama has tipped his point with the MSM; how permanently remains to be seen.  Just now, "They've lost that lovin' feelin'".

Maureen Dowd on presidential press relations: "The patrician George Bush senior was always gracious with reporters while conveying the sense that what we do for a living was rude."  (Hot flash for MoDo: speaking as a common man, we think a lot of what SOME of you do is rude...vile...obscene, too.  That's the way people in the real America feel about being lied to by condescending half-wits; just so you know.)

Dowd on BHO: "But he is an elitist, too, as well as thin-skinned and controlling."  And, "Now that Obama has been hit with negative press, he’s even more contemptuous. “'He’s never needed to woo the press,'” says the NBC White House reporter Chuck Todd. “'He’s never really needed us.'” 

Of course, that last part from Chuck Todd is only partially correct; he should have said, "We were already in the tank for the guy; he's never really needed to woo the press.  He had us at, 'I'm Barack Hussain Obama'".

After noting that Obama would recoil from reporters who pressed him for answers when he wanted to make pillow-talk, Dowd writes: "But that’s the world we live in. It hurts Obama to be a crybaby about it, and to blame the press and the “'old Washington game'” for his own communication failure".

Dowd's NYT editors wrote this, appearing the same day: "The country is frustrated and apprehensive and still waiting for Mr. Obama to put his vision into action.

"The president cannot plug the leak or magically clean up the fouled Gulf of Mexico. But he and his administration need to do a lot more to show they are on top of this mess, and not perpetually behind the curve."

Well, again, about half true; the country is frustrated and apprehensive...ABOUT Obama's putting his "vision into action".  Much more of that "vision thing" from the Obami, and we're pretty much cooked, and we know it.  Obama can't show us he's "on top of this mess" BECAUSE we know he isn't; not only that, we know that the Gulf oil mess is, to him, a very annoying distraction from his real mission; transforming America.

Just to keep faith with their time-honored psychotic break with reality, the Times editors tell Obama this: "It is well within Mr. Obama’s power to keep his administration and Congressional Democrats focused on what the economy needs: jobs and stimulus. Voters are anxious about the deficit. But the president needs to tell them the truth — that without more spending the economy could remain weak for a very long time".

Even Rolling Stone committed an act of journalism...well, half-act...this past week, and Obama was not well depicted. 

On This Week, John Bohner accused Obama of having “coddled our enemies [Hamas and its Iranian puppet-masters] and pushed our friends [Israel] aside in the process” regarding the Mavi Marmara incident and world reaction to it.  Steny Hoyer had to pretty much second that.

 If that sounds like cats barking, BOTH Egypt and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas came out with statements supporting the continuation of the Israeli blockade.

Talk about your rough weeks in the press, huh, Barack?  It will get worse, and Obama's pathologies will be further exposed and strained in the coming weeks.  Honeymoon is so over...


  1. Kinda like the Donner Dinner Party. When there's nothing left to eat, Uncle Barry starts to look pretty tastey. Might as well chow down, or go down with him.

    MoDo's office overlooking Manhattan is way more important than Hope n Change any day. Bon appatit there Mo!

  2. Wonder how much she really resembles Hellin Thomas...??? I mean, if you could see her as she really is...

  3. Sooner or later somebody's going to point out that if he can't handle the Gulf oil spill, how would he react to a major crisis like an act of war.

    Somehow, I don't think eating snow cones at the beach is going to cut it.

  4. I greatly fear that we will soon be finding out...

  5. "how would he react to a major crisis like an act of war."

    Not a problem. At the first sign of hostilities, wait 8 weeks. Then appoint a Armed Hostilities Czar. Then appoint a committee to look into whether an executive statement should be forthcoming, and the possible content of said statement.

    If the aggression continues, the Sec of State will give them a Reset button that actually says "Overcharged" and automatically the Smart Power system kicks in. The "H Bomb" herself will discuss the possibility of threatening said Beligerents with some really serious economic sanctions with teeth. Then she leaves for Bolivia to deal with the coffee bean crisis and the UN security council will do what they do best. Nothing.

    I was in the Boy Scouts during the cold war, and our scout manual had some super cool designs and supplies for a back yard fallout shelter. Couldn't figure out why dad didn't find it so cool. At any rate, I think I'll look for the ols manual now. A fallout shelter may come in handy. God help us.

  6. I vividly remember the LIFE magazine cover with an American tank and Soviet tank literally muzzle to muzzle across the Berlin Wall. "Duck and cover" was deadly serious, though it would have done very little for most of us.

  7. During the Civil Defense drills in fourth grade, we had to duck and cover under our desks, then crawl (single file of course) into the hallway and sit with our backs to the brick wall and put our heads between our legs. Even in fourth grade we knew what that was about..."to kiss your ass goodbye." We could joke about it because we also had Leaders like Kennedy who stared down Kruschev in the highest stakes game ever, and made him back down. Barry? Ahmadinijad? Sigh.