Friday, January 21, 2011

CRASH: Stupid Regulation, Brought On By Hysteria

In the same week in which Mr. Obama calls for a review of needless...and counter-productive...regulation, we have hysterical calls for new "restrictions" on pistol magazines.  They have come from the nanny Collective, but have some support from even some people you would think would be more rational.

The video below shows very graphically why such laws are simply a vacant "feel safer" emotive response to such tragedies as the Tucson murders.  Start at about the 2:14 mark for the meat of the demonstration--

The shooter who swaps mags is NOT that quick, BTW.

A second to a second-and-a-half difference; that is all this kind of nonsense legislation would mean.

As the Collective has quite openly admitted, the really big gun control laws have resulted from the hysteria immediately following a national tragedy.  Those laws have proven...not simply ineffective...but counter-productive.  Such is the case here, again.

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  1. It's also called "shooting from the hip" to use another "violence inciting" common colloquialism. A tragedy has occurred. Something must be done! There! A law regulating clip capacity. You are now safe, go about your business. Sound and fury signifyig nothing.