Sunday, January 16, 2011

BURN: That Ol' Blood Libel That You Weave So Well...

The Collective has been caught with their knickers about their ankles over the Tuscon tragedy.  They tried mightily to smear various individuals and whole swaths of the American people...and the American people did not like it one bit.

Only today, however, I learned of another such that term has come to be used in the popular parlance...of which I had never heard.  It is equally reprehensible.

In a long and interesting piece by Jack Coleman at Newsbusters (which I recommend you all read) I learned about a Collectivist libel I had never heard before--
As a matter of fact, when the P.A. system in public schools in Texas announced that Kennedy had been murdered, children as early as, as young as fourth graders applauded because they had been so brainwashed with hate. No doubt those are the same Fox News regulars we see today, age-wise it's about right. Like fathers, like son, the Koch brothers have simply relaunched the same murder and hate campaign that they had in the '60s.
That was spoken by a puke named Mike Papantonio, who hosts a program called Ring Of Fire with that genius Robert Kennedy, Jr., on the Ed Schultz radio program.

It is, of course, a lie.

It's author was the famous liar, Dan Rather.

I was in what we call in Texas "junior high" when Kennedy was assassinated.  I remember it well.  Everyone was devastated, as you might expect.  The assassination of an American president...especially in such perilous times...was a deeply frightening event.  Nobody said much of anything, and a deep pall settled over the entire school.  So I know first-hand that the story of Texas school children cheering the assassination of the leader of the free world is an outright lie.

Rather lied.  Panantonio is lying now, by republishing the original libel.  Or dare I say "blood libel"?  It is the way of the Collective.  It is who they are, and how they operate.


  1. "We want to be truth tellers" says DocuDan after his mea culpa - which everyone knew for two weeks. The story was a complete fraud. Translation: "We make up our own truth - and tell it." He still thinks he is relevant and someone other than his mom cares? STFU and go home you pathetic little rodent. Geeez I'm sick of his lying face.

    I was in 4th grade when Kennedy was shot. We all stood by our desks and bowed our heads while our principal prayed over the PA for the president, his family and the country - in public school. It was the decent, appropriate and proper thing to do. Damn these Democretin pukes!

  2. Who you gonna believe? Your betters or your lyin eyes?