Sunday, January 9, 2011

BURN: The Ambulance Chasing Hyenas Of The Collective

For as long as I can recall, the Collectivists have ghoulishly exploited every notorious killing involving a firearm to advance their agenda of disarming America.  It is how they roll.  They have simply broadened that same tactic in muzzling their opponents in the political world.  This cannot be allowed.

Almost before the smoke cleared in Tucson, Arizona, the hyenas of the Collective were in full cry.  They didn't wait for...and did not want...FACTS.  To minds so demented by their drive to make America a Collective, and so hate-filled toward their opponents, FACTS are utterly irrelevant.  They had an opportunity to score politically, and they could not wait.

Haters like Paul Krugman and Markos Moulitsas make no pretense at objectivity.  They are hypocrites and demagogues of the lowest order.  They are fountains of "vitriol".  The New York Times should be ashamed of itself for providing Krugman a forum, but it isn't.  The Collective should be ashamed...on a daily basis...for the kind of crap served up by The Dailey Kos and its Kos-sacks, but it isn't.  It is their stock-in-trade.

Right behind Krugman and Kos was Hanoi Jane Fonda, tweeting that this was Sarah Palin's doing.  And right behind her came the Pima County Sheriff, famous for his Collectivist views on law enforcement.

Time for some "soul searching", indeed, Sheriff Dupnik.  And time for a new sheriff, Tucson.  You can see what he thinks of the people he "serves".  Show him what you think of him at the voting booth.

Dupnik makes mention of people who make a living exploiting "vitriol".  That word is amazingly consistent in the howl of the Collectivist hyenas.  But take note of one such person who makes a living on vitriol--

One veteran Democratic operative, who blames overheated rhetoric for the shooting, said President Barack Obama should carefully but forcefully do what his predecessor did.
“They need to deftly pin this on the tea partiers,” said the Democrat. “Just like the Clinton White House deftly pinned the Oklahoma City bombing on the militia and anti-government people.”
Which, of course, a lie.  Clinton thuggishly pinned the Oklahoma City bombing on his opposition generally, and Rush Limbaugh in particular.  Tax Enough Already (TEA) Party citizen activists are not "anti-government".  That is a Collectivist lie, along with the several others they have tried...and smear them with.  We are anti-BIG GOVERNMENT...anti-Collective.

But the tactic of the ambulance-chasing, tragedy-exploiting Left will work with some of the weaker minds in this country.  That includes GOP "senior Senators"--

A senior Republican senator, speaking anonymously in order to freely discuss the tragedy, told POLITICO that the Giffords shooting should be taken as a “cautionary tale” by Republicans.
“There is a need for some reflection here - what is too far now?” said the senator. “What was too far when Oklahoma City happened is accepted now. There’s been a desensitizing. These town halls and cable TV and talk radio, everybody’s trying to outdo each other.”
So, the drive to self-censorship in response to the lies and demagoguery of the Collective's hyenas begins.

Today, it is a safe bet that all the talking heads on TV will be asking the same question.  They will follow the "vitriol" and "anti-government" meme set in place by the haters in their vanguard.  The goal is to put the majority of Americans who oppose the Collective on defense.

Americans who want our borders secure are not bigots.  We are not anti-government ticking time-bombs for wanting our government to be limited according to the Constitution.  We are the calm, rational people who produce the wealth of this nation, and from whom the taxes are extracted.  We are the people who pray for the recovery of the victims of this demented killer, and who mourn the dead without a political thought or motive in our heads.  We MUST simply speak those truths to our friends and neighbors, and counter the hyenas of the Collective.


  1. Let me be Frank. Well said.

    From his rants/behavior, this guy is classic, textbook paranoid schizophrenic, and quite possibly manic depressive. I'm seeing posts in other conservative blogs saying he was liberal. Nope. Oars failing to meet water. Period.

  2. Agreed.

    Nutz is nutz. It would be wrong to put this on ANY ideology.