Friday, January 28, 2011

BURN: GOP - Like, All Stuffy N'stuff


Why I'm in any way interested in what Meghan McCain thinks baffles me, yet here she is in all her GenX blondish glory. 'Tis interesting that the only people interested in her opinions are the liberal media, especially MSNBC, who have dubbed her the de facto spokesperson for the GOP. Larry O'Donnel seems, like, quite concerned here about the best interests of the GOP, ya know, and would like Mz Powderpuffs learned opinion n'stuff.

I guess it's the absurdity of this spoiled blonde rich brat who has not - nor ever will - accomplish anything of significance, attacking a woman of accomplishment, conviction and substance, and in her best valley girl prose. N'stuff. Much like driving by a wreck site I suppose, and glad I'm not part of it.

I have nothing to add.  The future of the GOP? If so, 'twould be the end of the GOP methinks. N'stuff.

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