Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BURN: Obama To Dupnik--"Heckuva Job, Clarence!!!"

Pima County Sheriff Clarence "Fact Free" Dupnik (what a great name for a Collective propagandist!) was called by President Barack Hussain Obama.  Mr. Obama thanked Dupnik.

Well he might.  Certainly NOT for providing security to a public forum where Tucson CITIZENS were gathering according to their rights under the Constitution.  He did not secure them.  It is fair to observe that nothing is 100%, and perhaps NOBODY could have stopped the killer who slaughtered Dupnik's charges.  But he appears to have done NOTHING.

Obama did not...could not...thank Dupnik for his work in removing...years ago...a known menace to Tucson.  He didn't.  It would be unfair to impute "perfect information" to Dupnik.  But that is EXACTLY what was imputed to G. W. Bush respecting the 9/11 attacks.  In this case, Dupnik HAD information.  Apparently LOTS of information.

I wasn't privy to the Obama-Dupnik con-flab, so I cannot know what in the world Obama was "thanking" Dupnik for.  I have a pretty good idea. his own admission...the slightest evidence, or any idea of a causal connection...Dupnik has been more than willing to smear everyone who is not a Collectivist "open-borders" lover.

Not only "willing", Dupnik has INSISTED on it, and smearing his own constituents.  According to Dupnik, Arizona is full of sick bigots.  The most dangerous place on earth for a few days following the massacre was between Dupnik and a camera, where he variously slandered Arizona, Palin, the TEA Party, Rush Limbaugh, ETC.

I am put in mind of the Obama mirage of a racial healer, the man who would heal partisan divides.  That mythical person...the one so many Americans were dupe-niked into voting for...would NEVER have thanked a demonizing thug like Clarence Dupnik.  But that man NEVER existed.


  1. Clarence Dupnik makes Barney Fife look like Rambo. Just sayin'.

    Oooo dang. Was that hate speech?!? Geez pretty soon you could get arrested for that.