Monday, January 3, 2011

CRASH: Stand Out of My Light



Diogenes was the famous Cynic among the fathers of Stoic philosophy. He renounced all possessions, lived in a washtub in the marketplace and became quite the 3rd century BC celebrity. He is the only man ever to mock Alexander the Great - and yet retain his head atop his shoulders. Alexander sought out the popular philosopher, and found him laying against a wall sunning himself. He asked Diogenes if there were something he could do for him, to which Diogenes replied, “Yes, stand out of my light.”

Diogenes’ best known shtick, of course, was walking around the city in broad daylight with a lit lantern in hand, claiming to be “looking for an honest man.” I wonder what the ol’ curmudgeon would think of our American empire.  How can you take in this political/media/cultural scene and not become a world class, crazy, WTF cynic? Seems like the house is on fire and City Hall sent out the dog catcher and the meter maid – oh yeah, and the Tax Collector, of course – and you just wonder if they’re really that stupid, or just corrupt, or both?!? Then a beam of light from your lantern falls on a bit of sanity…

Sweet, simple reality. Nice.

It would be naieve to think politics/media/culture will suddenly enter some noble state - but real grass roots revival demanding  veracity and common sense is happening. Could it be public "servants" will become servants again, or news crews become journalists again? I'm going with Ragspierre in the optimist camp.

Hey, Obama/Congress: Stand out of our light!


HR__-Repeal -

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