Saturday, January 8, 2011

CRASH: Pelosi Demonstrates Botox Causes Psychotic Break(s)

Nanny "Batspit" Pelosi can only have--a) broken with reality, or b) believe we have (which sort of argues for "a").  That is the ONLY explanation for things she is saying.

On camera, Pelosi explained the 2010 revolution in the House was caused by Boooooosh.  I kid you not...

On camera, Pelosi claimed that fiscal responsibility was her "mantra".  Again, simply gobsmacking delusion...

But these breaks with reality are hardly new for Nanny.  Nor are teary moments from the Speaker Of The House...

Yes, that was Nanny getting all weepy over a complete support of the Collective's suppression of criticism (aka, FREE SPEECH).

Hmmm...  Wonder why nobody made large about Pelosi's Puddles...???  Sexism, perhaps?  Or just bias?  We ask the questions, you decide.

And this woman was third in line of succession to sit in the Oval Office!  Thank goodness the former hippy-freak who married money and bought herself a safe seat in the House is now at least LIMITED in the damage she can do to the nation.  And somebody needs to do some research on Botox toxicity...STAT!!! 


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  2. Perhaps it's not the Botox - but a med-mal case. The SF illegal immigrant cuban doctor pushed the needle into her brain, causing substantial shrinkage.

    I am glad she's still the minority leader. Every time she speaks she makes a stunning case for conservative idealogy. Speak to us O ancient one, that we may laugh and be merry.

  3. Giffords had voted against her for Speaker the other day, and there WAS a post on the Kos-sack site saying she was dead to the author...some speculation that the author was the killer.

    Of course, that post has been "disappeared".