Friday, January 21, 2011

BURN: Never Let a Mass Murder Go To Waste


The Tucson Memorial Pep Ralley has brought more than comfort to the families and nation, it has put TOTUS back on top of public opinion. Per RCP averages, Obama's job approval is in positive territory for the first time since July of last year. (Move over the image for dates and spreads)

I've always leaned toward Rasmussen for the most accurate polling.  They called the '08 election dead on target. Even Rassy has Obama in a dead heat 49 - 49.

It is not important what the far left or far right think of Dear Leader. What is important is what the 50-60% of indy swing voters think. These folks are the majority of the voting block, and are for the most part culturally, politically and history illiterate. (See "Don't Know Much About Nuthin'") They can and do swing right or left based on image and perception rather than ideology.  The Intercollegiate Studies Institute did a very basic civics literacy test of the US. (you can take it here, if so inclined) The results were not pretty.

I would consider this test middle school level civics. I scored 91 and missed at least one question I read wrong. The sad reality is most Americans don't know or care what goes on in Washington, and vote according to who presents them the best "package".  Image is everything.

Here's the present lay of the land in the US.  Conservatives are now enjoying a boost from the rejection of the hyper-liberal agenda.  The curve usually leans slightly right, now more so.  Also in play is a large sector of conservatives abandoning the GOP and identifying themselves as "independent" moving the indy block further right.

The present move left is unsettling. It means Obama may be suceeding in distancing himself from the hugely unpopular Congress and painting himself as a uniter that will get things done.  What I'm wondering is...was Barry was just lucky with events, or is he actually wising up - playing to the middle?  I'm hoping the former.

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