Thursday, August 19, 2010

BURN: The UX Key On MSM Word-Processors

There HAS to be a "UX" (for "unexpectedly") key on the word-processors used by MSM financial and economic reporters.  That key keeps getting bumped unexpectedly every time they report MORE bad news about the Obama economy.

That is the only explanation for the frequency of the term...since anyone with a brain and modicum of economic sense can PREDICT what the news will be on any given day.

Image by Sadhill News.


  1. Geez. You don't want to believe it's really that bad, but you know in your gut it is. Barry must have been smoking something the day they taught Dostyevsky at Columbia.

    "Brothers Karamazof" - Grand Inquisitor to Jesus:

    "If you wish to subject the people, give them miracle, mystery and authority; but above above all give them bread."

    Bolshevic Revolution Slogan 1917: Peace, Land and Bread

  2. Hunger was the tie that really bound serfs to the nobles. Nobody needed a chain; they had their need to eat to control them.

    I read an entry from Thomas Becket's journal where he notes he fed something like 30,000 men that day. That was his power. Most every one of those people would have fought for Becket.

    The old barons held land...the means of producing food, and hence power.

    Our new barons hold the production of productive people, and dole it out to those in need, while creating need.

  3. Indeed. I know at least 10 families with small kids our church and the Samaritan Project are working with now that are struggling to survive. In our culture, Dostyevsky's "bread" means work. Barry's appeal to the "proletariat" hinges on their ability to feed their families. Demagoguery only works for a short season unless there is substance behind it. The "great orator's" golden words are ringing hollow. The new revolution will take place at the polls.