Friday, August 27, 2010

BURN: Another Mosquetteer Who Can't Say The "T" Word & Hamas

The estimable Andy McCarthy very nicely, civilly, corners another Imam apologist for the Cordoba House.  Listen CAREFULLY, and learn.

So, people, here's the take-away.  Even these "moderate" Muslim apologists cannot bring themselves, on national television, to identify a terrorist organization as terrorists.  How "moderate" IS that?  CAIR also claims to be "moderate", and they are no such thing.  They are not al Qaeda, but they are not harmless, either.

Does this imply that there are no Muslims who are actually moderate, peaceful, law-abiding people?  NEVER!!!  I know many.  But the lies and disinformation on the Cordoba House just keep coming, and the people behind it just look worse and worse.


  1. Just wow. "The fear of rooted in ignorance"??!? Why would people fear someone who's trying to blow them up? Irrational indeed.

    The terms radical, moderate and nominal don't apply to Islam as they do with Christianity and other religions. Whether you are a Jihadist or a peaceful, productive member of the community depends on which page of the Koran you happen to like best. One page says Christians are "people of the book" and ought to be treated kindly. Flip a few pages and you must destroy the infidels. It's a religion based on an incoherant document; almost train of thought rambling.

    BTW, Barry is not muslim. It is not possible to be true Muslim and not publicly pronounce your faith. He has professed Christianity, but exhibits no adherance to it either. He is a "nominal" Christian. (In name only)

  2. Like I said in a previous post, Obama is irreligious.

    He has no other god before him.

    Well, MAYBE Shellie, and only 'cause she is a vengeful god(ess)...