Monday, August 9, 2010

BURN: The F-Word Watch

For almost as long as Barack Hussain Obama has been president, I've been saying and writing that he loves fascist economics.  It's his preferred model.

I'm not alone, either.  The classic fascist economic structure is a three part corporatist collective, comprised of big labor, big business, and BIG GOVERNMENT.  The government controls final outcomes.

Think GM.  Or Chrysler.

Now, don't be fooled into thinking that the fascist economic structure ALWAYS has to be made up of those parts.  We can have creative fascists, too, ya know!

For instance, we can have a corporatist collective made up of "public interest groups", big business, and BIG GOVERNMENT.  As a matter of fact, the only two components that are constant, and have to be constant are big business and BIG GOVERNMENT.  The third...and maybe we could have a fourth...player could be any interest that loves collectivism.  They just have to play well with the others, and play along.

This is the model we see in "financial reform".  Oh, and ObamaCare.

Why does it always have to be big business?  Well, several reasons, but the really important ones are these; big business LIKES bureaucracy's inherent in organizations that get a certain size; Adam Smith know centuries ago that incumbent businesses would ALWAYS like it if they didn't have to face market forces, so they are ALWAYS looking to make the Faustian Bargain with government; it is worthwhile for government to play with the bigs...its one of those few areas where you actually have efficiency in government!

Look for this trend to continue during Obama's term.  It works, partly because people don't even recognize what it is.

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