Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BURN: Rangel Elects Trial By Parliament Of Whores

Choosing to follow the Bill Clinton model of brazenly lying in the face of overwhelming evidence, Chaaaaly Rangel has decided to risk trial by P.J. O'Roarke's Parliament Of Whores.

GOT to love the defense theory:  Yeah, I did it, "But it’s not corrupt. It may be stupid. It may be negligent. But it is not corrupt.”

The fact is, this has been a winning strategy.  It worked for the perjurer Bill Clinton.  Trial before a "Parliament Of Whores" is a fair bet for a corruptocrat like Rangel.

In the real world, he DID (among LOTS of other offenses) occupy several rent-controlled apartments in New York City...which is against the law.  It is also really CORRUPT, as it subsidizes the rich Chaaaaly at the expense of the poorest tax-payers in New York.


  1. The other part of the Rangel Dangle is the thinly veiled threat - "Take your best shot"

    You sure you want to start the dirty laundry game? Bring it. While the prospect of a Congressional food fight is tantilizing, they will "RUN AWAY" at the first threat of being outed.

  2. Yep. One advantage of long, long years warming a get to watch and learn, collecting that all-important file on your colleagues.

    On another subject, Read your email, dude...!!!