Monday, August 16, 2010

BURN: Maureen Dowd's Problem With The Relatives

[Note: This is a guest blog by Swede.  Your comments are warmly welcome.]

I have been a fairly frequent reader of Maureen Dowd and her kooky colleagues at the NYT, primarily for the entertainment value. I guess it’s a hobby. I rather enjoy seeing how many of the 14 classic Latin logical fallacies I can find in what is supposed to be professional, informed and insightful analysis.  I suppose I need to get out more.  My record to date is 7 tortured reasonings in a Krugman piece on the economy…something about how Keynesian economics really works unless Venus aligns with Neptune or something, which he thinks is the present problem.

At any rate, Sunday’s op-idiot rant from Mo Do,
“No Love From the Lefties”, was a seriously sensational super snorter.  The progressive princess, loony liberal left leading lady refers to the “lefties” throughout the piece in the third person – “he, she, them, they…”  Hey, when the ship’s going down it’s every lib for himself/herself, right?  Nobody likes liberals now, so it’s “them there loony lefties”. 

Actually, I have another theory.  Since the universe extends infinitely in all directions from where you sit, wherever you are is the center of the universe.  It’s sort of the same thing with the political spectrum.  If you put it all on a line with, say, Lenin/Kim Jung Il on one end and maybe John Birch/Goldwater at the other, we’re all in the middle.  

Pre-Rathergate, it was almost surreal to hear Docu-Dan sincerely tell O’Reilly that he had absolutely no liberal bias.  At the same time O’Reilly who was obviously bent hard right at the time (now much slushier of course) claimed to be dead at the “fair and balanced” center.  Interesting also that in the Rathergate aftermath, Mapes and Rather (even to this day) claim that CBS News management was a right wing outfit in bed with the Bush Whitehouse – burying the “truth” and crushing heroic journalists like themselves .  CBS News? Right wing?  Only if there is a large hole in the space–time continuum. But I don’t think they are lying. They actually believe that they are – in Rather’s words – the “truth tellers” – and victimized defenders of journalistic integrity.  Mo Do, Brooks, Krugman, Chris Tingles, Madcow, Olby et al are all in the same boat.

Regardless, it is indeed entertaining and enjoyable watching the most liberal POTUS in history being eaten alive by the left-o-crats for not being progressive enough!!   Heh. Bon appetite y’all!


  1. John Birch is to my left. I am not in the middle.

  2. The problem isn't just that the hardcore lefties all think of themselves as moderates. They think anyone who disagrees with them is right wing fascist. The problem is that not a single one knows what fascism is all about.

  3. To the Collective, you are either in it or you are stupid/evil/ignorant.

    There is no principled opposition, and no respect for anyone who resists them.

  4. Borf said...

    I know. Couldn't think of a good extreme. McCarthy maybe? At any rate most of us are honest enough not to pretend we are neutral. Journalists on the other hand are required by their professional ethcal code (Heh - yeah right) to be unbiased.

    John said...

    Maybe instead of a liberal<>conservative continuum it should be a rational<>illogical or intelligent<>brain dead scale.

    rags - You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

  5. Swede, ever try to swallow a horny-toad whole...???

    Resistance is mandatory.

  6. Yeah, I know. The collective thing just gave me a flashback of the Borg from Star Trek. Kinda seems like Barry and the Obamobot's meme.

    Pecard and Reicher whooped their a$$es. So will we.

  7. And the Borg had Jeri Ryan...