Monday, August 2, 2010

BURN: Snookie Understands Economics Better Than Obama

Now, full disclosure...  I have NEVER watched the TV show on which Snookie appears (Jersey Shore).  I have some regard for my time and what goes into my mind.

But Snookie, like virtually all members of the human race, instinctively understands some important concepts from Econ. 101 (though she may not be able to spell even the second part of that term).

She has eschewed tanning salons, due to the Obama/Deemocrat irrational tax on the entrepreneurial tanning industry.  Now, she gets her "dark" from a spay can.  This is an application of the economic "Law Of Substitution".

Snookie could give our Economy Planner In Thief some much-needed lessons on the theory and application of economic policy.


  1. But doesn't the Law of Substitution negatively impact all of the tax revenue projections? That would mean that Obamacare isn't deficit neutral after all.

    If only someone had thought about this BEFORE it was passed.

  2. Shhhhh..., John.

    Talk like that will only disillusion more Obama supporters.

    Let me repeat; ObamaCare NEEDS to be the most violtated law in history, WAY past Prohibition.

    I promise to do my part, and to help defend others.