Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BURN: The Dog That Did Not Bark In The Gulf

Readers of Sherlock Holmes stories will remember Silver Blaze, in which the sleuth notes the singular fact that the dog on guard at the stable did not bark the night the champion horse was being stolen.

There was no deeper mischief involved than that the dog knew its master, the racehorse's trainer and stable manager.  He was the culprit.

We have noticed the singular incident of the dog that did not bark in the Gulf Of Mexico, and we reach the same conclusions as did Holmes in Silver Blaze; in the Gulf Of Mexico, the environmental groups were strangely silent in the face of Obama's calculated non-response.  They know their master's voice.

It needs hardly be said that, had this been a Booooosh President-caused disaster in the Gulf, the Green fringe of the Collective...and their reliable unwashed Luddite buddies available for all G-8 convocations...would have been out in untiring, highly publicized, and irritating force.

Where was the Greenpeace floatilla?  Where were the swarms of small craft, full of ridiculous people waving badly spelled signs condemning the President, Deemocrats, and Big Oil?  Where were the tee-pees and yurts pitched pell-mell around the parks of the nation's capital, the drum circles and chanting?  Where were the Hollywood "aware-niks", being led off in handcuffs, sputtering protests against the President?  Nowhere.

Oh, to be sure, we had the hyperbole-mills of the media...including full churn, blowing out nonsense at rates unapproached since Katrina.  But they are not the Green industry of protest, perfidy, and polemics we all know.  Where was the Green dog?

The Green dog did not bark in the Gulf because it supported the Obamic operation, intended to heighten and extend the "crisis" of the Gulf blow-out to the end that oil and gas exploration...and eventually America will be regulated to suit the Collective 's Obama regime.  The Green dog knows its master.

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