Saturday, March 23, 2013

BURN: Poor, silly little rich girl(s) burn millions of watts for "Earth Day"

Emma Watson (or should that be watts-son?) and a gaggle of other foolish, rich girls (and boys) took off their clothes for an "Earth Day" promotion.

In the process of earning fame, and a BIG fortune in the Harry Potter franchise, Ms. Watson was involved in one of the MOST electricity-intensive industries on the making.  She and her unclad buds also burned millions of candlepower in creating their "Earth Day" flacking book.

This is self-parody in the nth degree.  Watson is a very young lady, and therefore given some leeway.  Still...just damn.

"Earth Day" and "Earth Hour" are celebrations...not of "Earth"...but of Druidism and the Luddite cult that HATES rationality and the Enlightenment.  Electric power is THE most important technological boon to humanity in the last century, surpassing even the vast benefits in medicine, flight, etc., that human invention and rational science brought us.

"Earth Hour" is the most vain, vacant, and stupid expression of the religion of "green goo" to date.  It...and those who flack it...should be mocked for the boobs they are.