Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Humanity: A Fitting Thing For Veteran's Day And Beyond

Maybe you, like me, have had the impulse to go up and say "Thank You" when seeing one of our service members in an airport or other public place.  Maybe you have acted on it, or maybe you let the opportunity go by.

Between Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving, my friend Bruce McQuain, a fer-real warrior who retired after serving in the Army for a long and honored career, and a bunch of other fine folks will be working to put on Cooking With The Troops events, whose purpose is to raise money for service members.  It is a way to do something to say we appreciate our people in uniform.

McQ, as he's known on the blog-o-sphere, blogs at Questions & Observations, and also at Blackfive, one of the best milblogs.  Though retired, his service to the nation is hardly over.

I can hardly endorse this notion enough, and it seems particularly apt as we approach Thanksgiving.  If you are like me, one of the things for which we are most grateful...and in awe the quality of the people who volunteer to serve this nation under arms.

Join me and McQ and his posse in celebrating Veteran's Day, and the days between then and Thanksgiving, by donating to Cooking With The Troops, and looking for a CwtT event near you.  It will give you the chance to meet some fine people, and to say "Thank You".

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